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West Village Apartment Renovation

JAS Construction, was hired to rebuild a floor structure after an old apartment caught fire because of the chimney. The fire almost burned down the entire building and made some tenants feel unsafe.
Burned chimney with debris on the floor.
Old molded kitchen.


Provide a safe place to live.

The team at JAS Construction rebuilt the floor structure and removed burn debris from the apartment. They also cleaned the whole apartment and saved the chimney and brick wall.

After rebuilding the floor structure, JAS Construction opened up the space into a 2 bedrooms studio. This allowed tenants to have more privacy than before when they lived in one big open room.

In addition to creating more privacy for tenants, this also allowed them to decorate their rooms however they wanted—including using part of the brick wall as decoration!

New floor columns structure.

Floor beams replacement.


Tenants feel safer knowing there is no longer a chimney

The result is an open space studio with two bedrooms and a kitchenette—perfect for families or couples who want space but also appreciate character-filled architecture!

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