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Paramus House Renovation

The customer wanted to renovate the house and create an open kitchen with a direct view of the living room, with plenty of natural light, and enough space to accommodate a large oversize couch.
Wall removal, and building of new pillars.
Securing the old the structure.


Turn down a couple of walls.

We were able to take on this project because we have extensive experience with renovations and can handle any challenge that may arise. After some planning and construction, we achieved all of their goals: creating an open kitchen with a direct view to the living room, well lit, ample space that invites guests to come in.
Stairs framing complete.
Sideview of the new stairs.


Boosts in Home Value.

The result was a boost in home value by over $100k+ with a more spacious area that is well-lit and invites you to come in and stay!.

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