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Jackson Heights Apartment Renovation

The client, who recently got married and is expecting their first child, was looking for ways to update their apartment to make it more spacious and open. They were looking for ways to make their overall apartment feel larger and brighter so they could enjoy more time at home with their growing family.

Not well lit bathroom.

Removal of the old floor.


Open kitchen with larger windows.

Jas Construction stepped in to help them achieve their dream home. They created two (2) new windows in the living room, a bigger window for the bathroom, and built an open kitchen setup.

Modern bathroom layout.

Open kitchen leading to the living room.


Brighter and spacious apartment.

The couple couldn’t be happier with the results. The newlywed couple can now enjoy all of their favorite activities together—cooking, playing games, relaxing—without worrying about their young son getting injured by falling through any doors or walls!

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