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Family-Oriented Building Construction Services

JAS Construction Corp is an established construction company with the right tools and team to offer a complete solution to your interior and exterior house remodeling. We are available to carry out an overall restoration of your house – from new build to remodeling restoration.

We have had to serve the construction and general contracting industry for decades. Today, our core services span from the restoration of house interiors and pave roofing to demolition and all other building construction needs.

Whether it is an interior or exterior residential house, our employees are committed to making designing and building construction a stress-free and fun experience for you. We count on the brightest and best professionals with over decades of experience who know what it takes to have a good design alongside breathtaking results.

At JAS Construction, we love to improve the lives and homes of all our customers, which is why we take the time to go above the call of duty to satisfy all your construction needs. We take great pride in our work, and for us, every client is a member of the Jas Construction family.

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